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Penghui Xintianju

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In the Nanguanling area, the northernmost part of Ganjingzi District, Pengsheng Enterprise is fully expanding its new life of happiness. “Penghui Xintianju”, a real estate located in the important passage area of Dalian City, Jinzhou District and Economic and Technological Development Zone, is 20 minutes drive from Jinzhou District and Economic and Technological Development Zone. Its west is connected to the chessboard bath, and the eastern part connects to the location of the Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, making the fast-paced urban retreat hidden in the mountains, comfortable and comfortable.


The “Penghui Xintianju” project has a total land area of 114175.5 square meters; the total construction area is 194199.8 square meters; the project's own supporting planning clubs, schools and other public entertainment facilities, as well as transportation, shopping and other supporting facilities, together play a happy life in the northern part of the city. .


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Community Support: Primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, general shopping malls, post offices, banks, medical university affiliated hospitals

Bus lines: 1 Road, 8 Road, 518 Road, Ganjingzi - Yaojia, Shengliqiao North - Haisheng Garden, etc.

Property Management: Dalian Penghui Property Management Co., Ltd.

Contact number: 86671777 86871888

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